Friday, September 10, 2010

the promise

A: B, promise me you'll try your best til the end?
B: yes i will A...

spontaneous reply

was it a reflex?
think it was.

how come?
cant say it.

will i do it?
of course.

will i be happy?
when u r, undoubtedly i will.

will i succeed?
my faith is in Allah.

do i have more to say?
yes but i wish i could

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

long time no see

What happened to my blog?

Haha. bloody facebook made me left you.

Thought of making a comeback.

tenang dengan pacifica

stuffs in my room

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Happy Birthday Remy
I'm 21 now
again i pose the same questions 2 myself
i'm one year older but wut does dat mean?

more gadgets?
more new people?
more laughter?
more food?
more friends?
or more songs of life?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

selamat HARI RAYA aidilfitri

last updated: 8th September 2009

almost a month since this page was last updated


to those who are my frequent blog visitors.


the day we should be back to our fitrah

strengthening our love towards Allah

showing unquestionable gratitude to him by asking forgiveness for all that we've sinned

and hating every single maksiah we had left during ramadhan ...

or had we jeopardised that day with explosions of sins that scrutinized our newly achieved fitrah?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Leadership week

if given a chance, would u like to be a leader?
let's see the pros n da cons of being one

pro: tasty food unlimited

con: u've to talk and talk and talk

pro: able to see a reflection of urs even witout a mirror

con: u got people hating u

pro: get along with great people well

con: u've to answer funny question from funny people sometimes

pro: u've got people to listen when u wanna express ur ideas

con: have to go to same boring places at least once a week

pro: girls becoming ur fans especially when u have sumthin special

pro: u'll have a very strong, great wife

and being able to stay healthy at ur 80's....
the verdict:
pros- 6
cons - 5
pros won with a majority of 1
so, which one now?

Monday, August 17, 2009


haha, the story goes like this.

When JAKSA sent 40 people to USM Kubang Kerian and they were shocked by the statement from their 'jaksa' that they only need 3 days to get approval for any programme, they were also told that in USM merit system is being implemented in order to get the students active. So, with some good ideas from the 'jaksa' there, our JAKSA was on the way to propose on the merit system. however, unbelievably our HEP is one step ahead of our JAKSA as they have distributed the 'BORANG AKTIVITI'. An applause 2 the HEP 4 being ahead of our JAKSA for the 1st time. These are the reactions about merit. sumhow i was lucky as i brought my camera witout any reason on dat day. crazy ha?


abdul rahim
syairah menyatakan sokongan padu
baihaqi berbangga dengan kadnya


ali bengang

payed bersedia disembur gas pemedih mata

orang kuat JAKSA tidak ketinggalan menyatakan yang haq

mamat ni macam pernah tgk je td

Saturday, June 20, 2009

GABAI EXPEDITION – sponsored by GIAnt

Again, we went to Sg. Gabai as it is d only place seem ‘suitable’ 4 us this weekend. A new record was written today in the history which is ‘baihaqi soaking himself wet in the water of a public recreational area FOR THE FIRST TIME (well along these 3 years knowing him at least)’. 3 cars 10 heroes and load of people there with an additional point of some beautiful sceneries ,there is not much to say. Besides, I took this chance to polish my skills n techniques in photography there.These are the products of today’s activity.

AMONG those who went

shocking FACE indicates shocking result

hot scenes able to be snapped by paparazzi

these lot realie filled UP my memory card


learning silat with juden the idol

judin the idol exhausted afta teaching silat


high shutter speed

slow shutter speed

have u ever heard of an iklan 'anda ingin jadi superman?'

nearly 200 shots on dat day but these are some that i can upload.chao.